Benefits of playgroup

The Benefits

Playgroup gives babies, toddlers and prep-preps opportunities to:

  • socialise with children of similar ages
  • develop skills in empathy and negotiation
  • foster verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • develop fine and gross motor skills
  • improve body control, hand-eye coordination,
  • spatial awareness and balance
  • develop skills in discovery, exploration,
  • investigation and curiosity.

Playgroup can be a lifeline to parents and carers who might not have any other opportunity to get to know local people going through similar experiences.

Why attend a school playgroup?
  • Get to know the staff and teachers.
  • Become familiar with school grounds and routines.
  • Form trusted relationships with school.
  • Ensure you know your way around.
  • Encourage your child to make friends with other children starting prep in the same year.
  • Find out how to volunteer at your child’s future school.
  • Get information on other activities offered by the school (i.e. outside organisations using the school grounds to run activities) as well as Out of School Hours Care.
  • Meet other parents and carers whose children will be/are going to the school.

Research shows a child’s relationships and experiences in the years leading up to when they start school, lay the foundations for all future
learning, development and function.