What is Play Steps?

Play Steps is an early years play-based learning program. Founded on the strengths-based playgroup model where parents stay, play and learn with their child, Play Steps sessions are places for children and their families to practice skills in a nurturing, safe space.

The facilitated program is delivered within a school and provides opportunities for play-based learning for children aged birth to five and their families to:

  • encourage learning through play
  • strengthen parental self-efficacy
  • contribute to the development of stronger more cohesive school communities.

Play Steps supports schools by creating environments for parents and children to play and learn together while becoming familiar with the school and its routine. The sessions encourage families to become an active member of their school community where possible.

Having a playgroup based at the school allows the children to develop a sense of belonging in their community. They are able to make important connections, build relationships and create positive learning platforms particularly if they continue as part of that school community. It allows parents the opportunity to form relationships with other parents in their community and also establish important connections and support networks.

Playgroup Participant

Our school playgroup is the best as we have a prep teacher (facilitator) so she knows what the kids need to learn. It is so easy for me because I have a school-age child I drop off (at the same school) and then come to playgroup. My threeyear-old now knows children she will be going to prep with next year and my one-year-old – since coming to playgroup – can now count to 10 and sings songs ALL DAY LONG that we learned from playgroup!

Playgroup Parent